5 Ways You Can Save Up to 85% When You Shop Online (With a VPN)

A VPN can be used for much more than protecting your privacy online and keeping your data anonymous. You could save a huge amount of money each year on everyday spending and big-ticket items.


When you buy online, many retailers will base their prices on your location, browsing history and your online profile.

Using a VPN, you can keep your browsing history obscured and change your physical location. With less data to go on, retailers may offer you a cheaper price, meaning you can save $$$.

How online E-commerce works:

Online retailers use data to tailor a shopping experience just for you. You’ll see this on Amazon when you’re shown new items you can buy based upon your previous spending habits. This saves you browsing through endless products trying to find the right for one.

But these recommendation engines have a darker side.

Driven by millions of users every day, they optimise not only your user experience but also the amount they can charge you based on several factors.

Unknowingly, you are supplying data to online retailers which may mean you are paying a price which is far higher than the same person in another country.

They do this by tracking your:

IP Address – Your IP tells an online retailer what country you live in. Different country, different prices.

Cookies – Every website you visit will track and store what you do on their site through a cookie. More sophisticated cookies will track you across multiple websites. Ever noticed how you look up a product, and suddenly you see adverts for it on every website you visit afterwards? These ads are activated by cookies, which help advertisers target ads based upon what you have previously looked at.

GPS – If you allow your mobile or tablet to send location data this may help online retailers further refine your current location within a few metres. Even further fine-tuning prices based on your local area and competing sites.

Wi-Fi – Every time you connect to a public Wi-Fi unsecured, your location can be tracked within the proximity of that Wi-Fi connection

Now for the fun part… Be amazed as we show you 5 types of products VPN’s, such as NymGuard, can help you save anywhere from 5 to 85% on online.

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1. Online Subscriptions

Website: The Economist

Product: 12 weeks Digital + Print Subscription

Price by browsing location:

UK: £12 – 25% more

US: $12 (£9.58) – Cheapest

Italy: €20 (£17.92) – 83% more

You may argue, that the cost of distribution could vary across countries, but in fact, the prices are the same across all categories, so we saw no differentiation between just print, but digital and digital plus print. You would choose digital plus print to get the best value for money.

The price variation is wild. Though the Economist is a UK publication, it’s 25% more expensive in the UK than in the US! And those in Italy pay a staggering 83% more for the publication.

Website: Microsoft

Product: Microsoft 365 Home 1-year

Price by browsing location:

UK: £79.99 – 29% more

US: $99.99 (£79.93) – 29% more

Japan: ¥12,744 (£93.74) – 52% more

India: ₹ 5,299 (£61.77) – Cheapest

We can remember the first time we had to pay for Microsoft and desperately searching around for free programmes and then realising there is a reason why Office was the most used piece of software on the planet.

There isn’t much difference between the US and the UK in terms of pricing, but Japan is quite a bit more expensive. Remember it’s the same software and number of users.

However, if you are smart enough to buy it in India you can save yourself a pretty penny.

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2. Car Rentals

Website: Enterprise

Pickup Location: Heathrow Airport, London, UK

Date: 12th July – 16th July

Car: Skoda Octavia (or similar)

Additions: None

Price by browsing location:

London, UK: £312.85 – 39.6% more

New York, USA: $465.06 (£371.54) – 65.9% more

Melbourne, Australia: AUD$ 401.50 (£224.02) – Cheapest

Shocking right? You would think that booking a rental car pickup for Heathrow Airport in the UK would be cheapest to book in the UK. But Australia’s price is almost 40% lower. Plus, if you were flying over from New York, you could save yourself a massive £147.52.

Bearing in mind that when you book from certain countries, you may incur additional charges due to trading agreements. Even so, the price difference between the UK and Australia, which had the same add-ons was still almost £90.

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3. Flight Tickets

Website: Kayak

Product: Flight from London Heathrow to Las Vegas

Date: 7th August – 14th August

Airline: British Airways

Class: Economy

Price by browsing location:

US: $1448 (£1,157) – 1.68% more

UK: £1,140 – 0.26% more

Spain: €1269 (£1,137) – Cheapest

Romania:  RM 5983 (£1,156) – 1.67% more

Chennai, India: AED 5315 (£1,156) – 1.67% more

Fancy a quick trip away for the gambler’s paradise of Las Vegas? Well the good news is that wherever you are there won’t be too much variance in price, but £20 is nothing to sniff at.

We checked for the exact same flight in terms of departure and arrival time. One thing we noticed is that every country had their own search engine, and in fact our flight was never listed in the same position in Kayak’s search rankings.

A different airline was always ranked as the best and cheapest flight in every country, so in fact if you are looking at the cheapest flight you could see a variance of £50 or more, if you are not picky about who you travel with.

Also, by using a VPN like Nymguard you are more likely to be directed towards the domestic carrier of the country you are searching from.

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4. Online Gaming

Website: steampowered.com

Product: Total War: Three Kingdoms

Price by browsing location:

UK: £40.49 – Cheapest

France: 53,99€ (£48.40) – 20% more

US: $53.99 (£43.16) – 7% more

Games these days are only getting more expensive. If you are a hardcore gamer, you’ll want to get your hands on the latest titles as soon as they hit the shops.

Again, we saw a big variance in price for what is essentially the same software and game. 

For once the UK came out on top, coming in quite a bit cheaper than its closest neighbour France, or the US.

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5. Hotels

Website: Booking.com

Location: New York

Dates: 1st – 8th September

Adults: 2

Hotel: Arlo SoHo

Price by browsing location:

Germany: 1919 Euros (£1,724) – 31% more

UK: £1,720 – 31% more

US: $1642 (£1,315.29) – Cheapest

We saved the biggest saving to last. The US site for booking.com was holding a sale for hotels in country, so you would have saved a huge amount equivalent to 2 nights stay by booking it from a US server.

Makes sense that hotels will charge less to people they think are in the same country.

Without a VPN you’d never know.

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NymGuard total savings: £609.80 – and that’s just from the above offers that we’ve found – there are many more savings to be found using a VPN online.

Using a VPN is so much more than just keeping your data safe and your privacy intact, think of it as the ultimate bargain hunting tool.

Buying the same product from a different country and obscuring your data can yield massive savings on a whole range of items.

So next time you think about a holiday, subscription or big-ticket purchase. Think NymGuard. Why not get started now? It takes only three simple steps.

1. Get NymGuard VPN

Simply sign up to NymGuard then download and install our app on the device of your choice. We offer a 7-day free trial on our iOS and Android apps and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all accounts.

2. Connect to your prefered location

Select a location from our list of global servers – this is the location that you will be appearing to browse from – you can then start bargain hunting from different locations.

3. Use the web with peace of mind

With fast servers and modern protocols, NymGuard adds an extra layer of security to your online experience, so you can enjoy online shopping with peace of mind.

Shop online safely this Christmas with NymGuard

30-day money-back guarantee with every plan.

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