Best Torrent Sites 2020

Torrenting is a decades-old technology, but it has managed to stand the test of time. This is despite the best efforts by governments and internet providers as well as the rise of streaming services.

The technology provides an excellent way for users to share small bits of a larger file with each other for potentially fast downloads. This way, users can quickly download the latest movies, TV Shows, games, software, music, and books.

However, torrenting has always been surrounded by controversy. The technology itself is not illegal, but millions of people around the world use it to download copyrighted content. And though we do not advocate for copyright infringement, the line between legal and illegal can be a thin one. In this guide, we’ll look at the best torrent sites in 2020 and show you how to torrent safely through NymGuard VPN. It will help you encrypt your online activities, unblock the sites in countries where they are blocked, and torrent anonymously.

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Best Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay started way back in 2003, and it has been the ace of the torrent market for quite a number of years. It is the most popular torrent site, and it has a reputation for dodging shutdowns as well as government blocks.

TPB has a huge community that ensures that there are many seeders all around the world for each file. There’s also a wide variety of content that users can download for free. This ranges from the latest movies and TV shows to books and cracked software.


YTS is currently one of the most popular torrent sites. It came to replace the original YTS and YIFY sites, which were taken down by authorities. The site focuses solely on movies and doesn’t offer other types of content. It is awesome in that it carries on with the original YTS reputation of aggressively-optimized video and audio encoding.

The site has vibrant visual appearances, a clean layout, and an easy to use interface where you can browse the most popular and the latest movies on the homepage. You can create an account and even request for content from the operators.


RARBG comes next in our list of the best torrent sites in 2020. It has over 300k daily visitors, according to Alexa, which makes it one of the most popular torrent sites. The site was founded in 2008, and it specializes in high-quality movies and TV shows. However, there’s also lots of other stuff, such as games, music, and adult content.

On the website, there’s a top 10 list that helps users find the most popular movies on the site. Unfortunately, the site is banned in over 16 confirmed countries, and so you may need a VPN to access it.

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Lime Torrents

Limetorrents has somehow managed to dodge all the legal challenges and shutdowns that affected other torrent sites. This may be due to their mode of operation where instead of putting actual torrent files, they just host their hash values.

The site provides content such as Movies, TV Series, Games, Applications, and Anime. There’s a top 100 trending list where you can check out what is being shared in the torrent world. Content is frequently updated, and so you can always check out for the latest releases.


1337X is another great torrent site, and it has been around for over 10 years. The site grew in popularity when Kickass Torrents was taken down, and Pirate Bay was MIA. It was recently revamped to improve the layout and eliminate some security risks and is now very neat, and content is well categorized.

The website doesn’t have as much content as the TPB or RARBG, but it has some torrents that are hard to come across. There’s also a solid range of movies, games, and TV shows.

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Is Torrenting Legal?

As we mentioned earlier, torrenting in itself is completely legal. However, almost all torrent sites usually feature copyrighted content, which is illegal. This is the reason why governments and ISPs have blocked popular torrent sites together with their mirrors.

If you are caught using or spreading copyrighted content, you may end up facing serious legal issues. And though you can’t always tell between legal and copyrighted content, ignorance is still not a valid excuse.

How to Torrent Safely

The only way you can take advantage of the technology to share and download files safely is through a secure VPN that allows torrenting like NymGuard.

Once you connect to a NymGuard server, your traffic is entirely encrypted to make it impossible for ISPs and governments to read. Your IP address is also completely masked to make you anonymous to your peers, hackers, and copyright trolls that monitor torrent files.

NymGuard VPN helps you achieve this quite easily. Below is what you need to do:

1. Get NymGuard VPN

Simply sign up to NymGuard VPN, then download and install our app on the device of your choice. We offer a 7-day free trial on our iOS and Android apps and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all accounts.

2. Connect to your preferred location

Select a location from our list of global servers – this is the location that you will appear to torrent from – if you want to use a torrent site only available in the US, for example, connect to the US server.

3. Torrent with peace of mind

With fast servers and modern protocols, NymGuard adds an extra layer of security to your online experience so that you can enjoy torrent without worries.

Torrent Safely With NymGuard VPN

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