Best Torrent Websites For Music Lovers

To a lot of people around the world — music is one of the purest forms of art. We listen to it when we need to relax, when we are on the go, when we exercise and for some, even while we work. Music helps the time go by and enjoying our favourite songs always makes the thing you do a lot more bearable.


With all that said, there is one issue with music, and that is acquiring it, and organizing your playlist the way you want. Getting your favorite songs is by far the most troubling issue, despite the fact that there is so much of it, and that it is as available as it is.

The trouble with acquiring music

Now, you might say that there are countless apps dedicated to listening to music — and you’re right. There is Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and many others, not to mention various websites. However, the issue with those is that they always require a premium subscription. In other words, you’ll have to pay every month, just to be able to listen to the songs you like.

Of course, there is always YouTube, which is great for when you are at home. But, if you are listening to music on YouTube, you should prepare to be constantly interrupted by ads, which often last for as long as the songs themselves – unless that is, you have a YouTube Premium or Music subscription, which again is at a cost to you.

This ruins the experience and can only lead to annoyance. And, if you choose to make your playlist by only listening to music on channels that are not official — and therefore not monetized — there is another issue, which is the fact that they often get blocked. As a result, you are forced to edit your playlist constantly, and there is no guarantee that you will find the songs you are looking for.

YouTube is even worse when you are on the go, as it will eat up your mobile data after only a couple of songs since most songs are attached to bandwidth-eating videos. With the above in mind, many people choose the alternative, and they end up turning to torrenting for help.

Torrenting for music

Torrenting is a form of P2P file sharing, which is basically sharing files with other people. This includes everything, from e-books to software, games, movies, TV shows, and, of course, music. In fact, for a lot of people, this is the best way to download their favorite songs.

There are no ads, and you only need to download them once. You can then organize your songs in any way you see fit, and even make different playlists for different occasions or moods. With the songs in your possession, you can really manage them however you like, and enjoy music for free, and with no interruptions.

This is true for all kinds of content that can be procured online, which is why torrenting is so popular even today, decades after it originally appeared. The phrase ‘Sharing is caring’ is entirely accurate in this case, and with such a grand selection of songs, you can quickly get through your day, and even enjoy the experience, no matter what kind of tasks you have ahead of you.

With that in mind, we have prepared a list of top seven torrenting websites that are our prime choices for acquiring music. You may have already heard about some of them, or even used them in the past. But, just in case you are not familiar with them, here are some of the best ones out there:

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Best torrenting sites for music

Before we present you with our list, we should point out that you should only download content that is free from any copyrighted licenses. Otherwise, you may be infringing copyright laws, which could have legal consequences. We do not support such actions, and we trust that you will use your best judgment. With that said, here are our top picks:

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB, is likely the best-known and most popular torrenting website around the world. As such, it is unlikely that it needs any special introduction. It is an extremely easy-to-use website, and all you need to do is go to it, and type whatever content you wish to download in the search field, located at the center of your screen.

Hit the search button, and you’ll get the list of all the content related to the search terms that the website has to offer. After that, the easiest thing in the world is to click on a little magnet icon, and your download will start.

You should be aware that the site is full of ads, however, and it might require a few clicks to get the download going, and all the pop-ups closed. But, it is still the easiest method of downloading music, or anything else that you might wish to obtain for free.

2. LimeTorrent


Next, we have LimeTorrent — a website with a great interface, which is extremely easy to use. Not only that, but it will also list out all the different torrent categories on its front page. With all of them only a click of a button away, you can easily just hit the Music icon and get all the great songs and albums offered on the website.

Of course, there is also a search field that will let you type in the name of the song that you wish to download, just in case you are searching for something specific. LimeTorrents is a great way not only to download all the music you could possibly want, but also to discover new artists, songs, albums, and alike.

It is quite addictive, and you will never run out of great songs to listen to. And, if your playlist becomes a bit boring, you can always return and discover even more content.

3. 1337X 


Then, there is 1337X, which is arguably one of the best-organized torrenting websites you will find. It offers all kinds of categories, each of which offers all types of content. Naturally, since it is on this list, that includes music as well.

Similarly to LimeTorrents, there is an entirely separate page featuring different songs, artists, albums, and more, which is a great way to get all the music you could ever want.

Just like before, you can also discover new tracks, singles, albums, and alike, and expand your playlist to include new types of music as well. 1337X will be there for you as your taste in music matures and changes, and if it is already at its peak — it will offer tons of songs for you to enjoy. It is one of the best torrenting sites for music in 2019, as you will see for yourself if you decide to check it out.

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4. Soundpark 


As the name suggests, Soundpark is a torrenting website specially dedicated to providing any kind of music you might be interested in. Not only that, but it will also provide you with top quality torrents so that your experience will be as best as it possibly can. 

As a torrenting website specially dedicated to music, it has all kinds of different categories to make it easy for you not only to find what you need but also discover new songs of the same genre. Further, its interface is also very interesting, and it follows the music theme, meaning that someone with a great affinity for music is likely to enjoy this site quite a lot.

Naturally, the site also has a search option, which will quickly and easily take you to your favorite content. You can download specific songs, or entire albums at once. There are also several languages to choose from, which makes the site easy to get around and understand, no matter where you are from. It is really one of the best choices for music lovers, and it definitely has our vote.

5. Music-Torrent


Continuing with music-specific torrenting websites, we have a site with an uninspired name, but a magnificent selection — Music-Torrent. The site’s name leaves you with a little room to guess what it is all about, and it will definitely see to your every need, in terms of music. It features a very clean interface, and it is extremely well-organized.

As such, finding your way around it will be a breeze, and all the music featured on the website is high quality. Not only that, but it is one of the best sites for seeking out new songs by your favorite artists. It offers all genres you could ever think of, with numerous categories that make it easy to find what you need quickly.

It is also great if you have no specific idea regarding what to download, but would like to check out its offering and maybe find something new. Music-Torrent is among the favorite websites of music lovers, and you will love it at once.

6. TorLock


Finally, we have TorLock — another excellent torrenting website with quite a massive database, as well as countless happy users from all corners of the World. TorLock is also another website that is perfect for finding new content, as well as specific files. Its interface allows you to organize all of its files by category, and quickly find anything that you are looking for, or even things that might awaken your interest.

Further, the website’s owner claims that all of the torrents are verified, meaning that there is no danger of you ever downloading malicious content. This makes it a great site, and will certainly bring reassurance, as malicious files are all too often on torrenting websites.

On TorLock, you won’t have to worry about that, and you will be able to quickly and easily find your way around and download some high-quality music for every occasion. It deserves its place on our list, and we are sure you will agree after trying it out.

The issue with torrenting

While torrenting is one of the most popular ways of downloading pretty much any file that exists with ease, it does have one big issue which we briefly mentioned earlier. That is the fact that torrenting websites are often full of copyrighted content. In other words, if you download it and get caught — you might end up facing legal issues.

This is why a lot of countries tend to block torrenting websites and prevent users from accessing them. It is also why torrenting is sometimes frowned upon, despite the fact that it is so convenient. The fact is that offering or downloading copyrighted content without the permission to distribute it is piracy, which is a crime.

Now, torrenting itself is not illegal, but you must be careful when it comes to what it is that you are downloading. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) catches you using torrents, they might throttle your internet connection. Then, there are the copyright owners who might be monitoring torrenting sites and hunting for those who download their content.

Finally, there are copyright trolls, which are typically independent parties that also monitor torrenting websites. If they catch you downloading copyrighted content, they might notify the copyright holder, or try to extort money from you through legal threats. Whether or not you choose to download such content is up to you, but the fact is that it is always better to be safe than sorry, and if you wish to improve your security — just in case — there is a way to do it.

How to download torrents safely:

The best way to remain safe while downloading torrents is to start using a VPN. VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are online security, privacy, and anonymity apps that you can obtain from VPN services. They are easy enough to use, and all you need to do is subscribe to a service and download the app. Then launch it, and connect to one of the VPN’s servers.

The app will do the rest, and all that it takes is to keep it running in the background. The app will use security protocols to shield your online traffic from view, as well as encryption to make it unreadable to anyone who might see it.

There are many VPN services out there that you can use, such as NymGuard, which supports torrenting and can protect you while you download your favorite songs. Best of all, it’s really simple to get started!

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3. Use the web with peace of mind

With fast servers and modern protocols, NymGuard adds an extra layer of security to your online experience, so you can enjoy browsing with peace of mind.

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