Why use NymGuard VPN?

You may feel that you have nothing to hide, but we’re sure you do not like the idea of everything you do online being watched or tracked. This is the main reason people use VPN services; to maintain privacy. VPN users also benefit from complete information security due to encryption and unrestricted access to the global internet, wherever they are.


You want to shield your online activity from third parties

VPN’s encrypt your online traffic and replace your IP address with that of your chosen worldwide server, making it near impossible to link any activity back to you. This enables you to use the internet freely without leaving online footprints that third-parties can track.

You may want to simply avoid being bombarded with ads for months on end after viewing a product on Amazon. Or want peace of mind knowing that your entire browsing history is not being shared with government agencies or sold to the highest bidder by your ISP. Whatever your reason, a VPN guards your online activity, so you can browse the web with freedom.


You use public Wi-Fi hotspots

If you use public Wi-Fi hotspots, a VPN is essential. Regardless of whether they are password protected or offered by a trusted company, they can be accessed by hackers and cyber-criminals trying to intercept your traffic and obtain your personal data.

By using a VPN, you can safely check your email or social media accounts and enter payment details online and passwords, with peace of mind, even over free Wi-Fi.

You travel regularly

If you travel regularly, you may have encountered situations where the services you use at home are not available. Take China, for instance, where the government blocks social media and messaging sites and apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. There may also be cases when you lose access to premium content services due to licensing restrictions. Video streaming service, Netflix, is a prime example, where content libraries are significantly larger in certain countries.

A VPN can help in the above scenarios, as it changes your IP address to match a geographic location of your choosing, making it appear as if you’re browsing from there. This not only gives you access to content that is available in your native country when you’re abroad but also gives you the ability to access content that is not available in your home country.

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You use P2P file-sharing services

Many Internet Service Providers attempt to stop internet users from P2P file-sharing despite its legitimate uses, such as the sharing of large data-sets, and distribution of open-source software and public domain content.

ISP’s restrict access to these file-sharing websites and limit bandwidth, slowing down download and upload speeds and reducing choices online. However, by using a VPN, you make it very difficult for your ISP to detect that you are sharing files, and therefore manipulate your connection. As your real IP address is hidden when using a VPN, your file downloads, uploads and P2P behaviour are genuinely ‘free’.

You want to avoid government monitoring

In recent years, the extent to which local and foreign government agencies track and collect our private data has become apparent, thanks to extensive media coverage. In many countries, often aided by political agendas (in particular national security), governments are at liberty to snoop on our browsing activity, geolocation data, messages, social posts and personal information. They can even share this information with allies across borders.

By activating a trusted VPN that doesn’t log any of your activity or data, such as NymGuard, you ensure a high degree of privacy. Not only are protected from government snooping but tracking from third-parties, such as your ISP, who usually are required to provide government agencies with customer data should they request it. This is also music to the ears of political activists or journalists who report within countries where harsh punishments are served to those who are seen to threaten the government.

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